H is also for Holiest

H is also for Holiest

I couldn’t resist this one. If Edward Hardman lived up to his name, then consider the case of the Reverend Mr Holiest, Perpetual Curate of Frimley Grove. Holy, he might have been, but that did not stop his murderers for the poor reverend was murdered on the 27th September, 1850 by robbers who broke into his house in the dead of night.

Dickens wrote up the case in the Household Narrative of Current Events, a supplement to his magazine Household Words. The Household Narrative was a record of political, international and criminal stories, especially murder cases.

The Reverend Mr Holiest was shot in the abdomen when he struggled with one of the robbers. Mr Holiest was not aware that he had been hit and pursued the fleeing assailants with a loaded gun, but they escaped. A doctor was summoned but he saw that the case was hopeless:

The patient’s sufferings were intense; and at noon on Sunday, the 29th, it was announced to him that death was approaching. He received the intelligence with Christian resignation; took an affectionate leave of his family and servants; expressed a desire to partake of the sacrament which was administered to him by a clerical friend … he expired between eight and nine o’clock on Sunday evening.

Holiest, indeed.

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